The realtime search engine for serviceable structural aircraft components

The platform with the world`s largest stock dedicated to serviceable, major asset structural components, including A350, A320neo, 787 and 747-8.
Experience excellent usability and speed when you urgently need to replace a rare component


Collecting all relevant data to choose a major asset can occupy you for more than a day!

To save precious time, marc - major asset real-time components - presents the world’s largest pool of serviceable airframe related major components, gives you product specific information on hand and allows you to easily send an offer request. Inlet cowls, thrust reversers, radomes, flight controls, fan cowls, flaps, slats, rudders, doors and other major structural components, what you see is what you can get.


Availability - on marc you can only find currently available components

More possibilities - marc displays potentially interchangeable components

Location - marc shows the exact location of the available component

Certificates - marc provides insight into component certificates

The offer - marc offers more serviceable components for Loan, Sales and exchange than any OEM


Create your account by following the “sign up” button - independently and without obligation. Search for your needed component.

Setting a request is easy and non-binding. A specialist in charge will follow up shortly after the request. All subsequent communication will take place by email or phone.


marc is part of the AVIATAR, Lufthansa Technik‘s open digital platform for the aviation industry.